5 IRS tax reliefs that you can use for your tax debt

Written by Jonathan Williams on April 2, 2012

To deal with the Internal Revenue Service that leaves you depress and powerless you can get the IRS tax relief that you need for your tax debt. But first you must understand how the other five IRS tax reliefs and how it can help you in resolving or eliminating your tax debt for good or the IRS tax relief can really help you settle your tax debt lesser to what you owe to the Internal Revenue Service?

But before deciding which is the best IRS tax relief you must know the five IRS tax reliefs which you can use for your tax debt, for example:

• Instalment agreement
Owing the Internal Revenue Service you must pay the whole amount if you cannot afford to pay the full amount then you can have this IRS tax relief but you need to enter an agreement with the Internal Revenue Service that you must pay your tax debt in an instalment basis but there are penalties and interest added to your outstanding balance.
• Abatement
Under this IRS tax relief the Internal Revenue Service will revoke the penalties and interest that suppose to be added to your tax debt but with the abatement you no longer have to pay the penalties and the interest instead you only have to pay the tax debt that you owe to the Internal Revenue Service.
• Innocent spouse relief
If you have filed your taxes with your spouse and got divorce you are reliable to the tax debt that your spouse left unresolved but with the innocent spouse relief you can be exempted but depending on the case but the bottom line is you are relieve with the responsibility of paying your ex-spouse debt as well as the penalties and the interest
• Currently not collectible
There are reason why you need this kind of IRS tax relief but the Internal Revenue Service can temporary stop their collection of your tax debt if they thought that you are having a hard time financially however once you get back on your feet and able to pay your tax debt then the Internal Revenue Service will ask for your payment with the additional penalties and interest.
• Bankruptcy

With these five alternatives of the IRS tax relief you can be sure that you can be able to resolve your tax debt in no time but of course you can fight your tax problem in order to eliminate it for good but what are the chances that you can win against the Internal Revenue Service? Although fighting your case to the court can eliminate your tax debt or it can give you an extension but with the IRS tax relief it can give you a chance to resolve your tax debt without going to a lot of stress.

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