Instant Tax Solutions Complaints

Written by Jonathan Williams on April 11, 2012

Last year was the scariest time of my life. I was totally lost when the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) detected that I owed them back taxes. It was such a big encumbrance on my part because I could not get through my bank accounts and there was a threat on my other assets. I asked my friends for help and they told me to get a legal counsel since this matter is not easy to handle all by myself. It was driving me crazy. It gave me sleepless nights and stressful days. Good thing I ran into Instant Tax Solutions. It was a spur of the moment. But when I got through their representative, a sudden relief came through me.

They did not promise me a quick fix but assured me that I will be going through the most efficient legal process and that my case will be attended to with utmost and thorough care, all I needed to do was cooperate with the group. I was advised that one of their experienced legal counsel will assist me to obtain a settlement and deal with the Internal Revenue Services on my behalf. When I gave them the detailed facts of my case, they evaluated and reviewed it for me. They pointed out what were my possible options and provided a favorable settlement. They educated me on how to go about the process. I worked with one of their competent representatives and there was at least an improvement on my case. I did not have to follow up with where the process is, they provided me with constant updates on the development. The ITS and its staff did really impress me and I was glad that I contacted the right people.

I was really grateful and amazed at the same time on how these professionals handled my tax case. They provided me with an effective arrangement on how I can pay my back taxes without having to go through a rough time with penalties I had to deal with considering my case. If it weren’t for ITS, I could have been more frustrated than I can be. They saved me from the very unpleasant pithole I was in and saved a substantial amount of money. I had more than enough to pay for the excellent services Instant Tax Solutions gave me. All my expectations were exceeded! All the time consuming work, all the stressful moments, sleepless nights, and stressful days were taken away. Working with Instant Tax Solutions was amazing. They have totally gained my trust that I had to let them handle all my tax filing and problems. What a great feeling it was to finally rid myself of risks and fears I had and focus more on what is important in my life which was my family. Instant Tax Solutions gave me that and more. Their advices are priceless and I want to share this with everyone that reads this.

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